Your vehicle’s clutch system is what makes it possible for you to switch gears, transferring power from the engine to the transmission. It is also one mechanism in your vehicle that is susceptible to breaking down over time. Clutches may wear out prematurely if you “ride the clutch” or let your foot sit on the clutch while driving. If your clutch is going out, or if you want to schedule regular inspection/maintenance, count on Uncle Dave’s as your trustworthy mechanic to ensure it is working properly and address any issues.

Your clutch has four basic components: the flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, and the release bearing. If you’re experiencing a problem, many times it could be the clutch disc, which is prone to failure, sometimes much more often than other parts. The flywheel, pressure plates, and release bearing are also vulnerable to wear, and often need to be replaced. We will also check for fluid from the engine or transmission and look for leaks, which can obviously affect the clutch mechanism.

At Uncle Dave’s, we hope you count on us for routine maintenance so that you minimize the chance of emergency repairs. Either way, we will ensure your clutch is working properly, and if not, will determine the problem and get it working again, while keeping your pocketbook in mind. Call us today for your clutch inspection or repair.