After driving thousands of miles on the roads, your car’s cooling system can corrode and develop leaks. Parts in the radiator core or the external hoses can deteriorate, leading to a breakdown and cause for repair. If you see a bright, neon-green, red or orange liquid pooling beneath your car, it is a pretty good sign that your cooling system has a leak and coolant is escaping. Low coolant levels can cause additional damage in your vehicle’s engine and cause your engine to overheat, making it is imperative to fix these leaks promptly. Just as important, however, is that the coolant (ethylene glycol) is highly toxic, and thus this is not a substance you want lying on the floor of your garage. If you suspect a leak in your radiator, call the expert service technicians at Uncle Dave’s. We will find the root of the problem and determine the appropriate fix to get you back on the road in no time.

Regular maintenance is a great way to ensure that you preempt potential problems with your radiator and hoses. Our mechanics will inspect all facets under your hood looking for problem areas and recommending, if necessary, need for replacing worn parts. Count on Uncle Dave’s to keep your vehicle running smoothly. If you have a coolant leak, or would like to schedule a routine inspection, give us a call today.