The electrical systems in today’s vehicles are becoming increasingly complex with more electrical features presenting more opportunities for electrical failure. Navigation systems, computers, power windows/seats/steering wheels, and other accessories can create a larger load for the electrical system and ultimately cause a malfunction. You may find one day that your windows aren’t working, or worse, your car won’t start. Whether it’s a bad battery, mechanical problem, or electrical malfunction, Uncle Dave’s has the equipment and experience to diagnose your problem. Ideally, maintaining your auto electrical system should be a component of regular service checkups. However, we know that problems can arise despite the greatest care of a vehicle.

Uncle Dave’s offers electrical system service to identify where your vehicle’s problem lies, whether it may be a poor battery charge, faulty circuits, bad alternator, or defective starter. We offer a free battery check if you have noticed signs of slow starting or other issues. We can also conduct a full system test to inspect your alternator for appropriate current/voltage, starter, and battery level/cable connections. If the problem is a bad battery, we offer high-quality replacements and will install it for you to make sure your vehicle is running optimally. Stop into the shop or schedule an appointment by calling (901)368-4004 for your electrical inspection today.