Is your car making a clicking noise when turning the ignition, producing a vibration upon acceleration, or shaking at higher speeds when turning?  It could indicate a problem with your drive shaft, axles, or their U-joints. Another indicator of such a problem is an abundance of grease inside your fenders or on your tires, which could be a result of a damaged Constant Velocity (CV) boot. Uncle Dave’s can determine where the actual problem lies and determine a course of action.

Our expert service technicians have the know-how to inspect your drive shaft, axles, and U-joints to determine if they can be repaired or if they need replacement. We will always explain what the problem is, and consult with you on the best repair option, while of course getting your approval before conducting any work. At Uncle Dave’s we want to be your auto mechanic for life.  Therefore, you can always count on us to properly diagnose the problem, fix it promptly and effectively, all without breaking your budget.