The driveline on your vehicle is responsible for turning your axles (thus, in turn, turn your wheels). The driveline connects to the transmission and differential through a set of joints. If your vehicle shudders when accelerating or makes a loud clunking noise during shifting, it could be the result of a loose U-joint or defective center bearing. Other noises or squeaks at low speeds may also be a sign of driveline trouble. Whether the problem is your driveline or not, the experts at Uncle Dave’s can identify the problem and determine the best solution.

Your driveline should be part of a routine maintenance plan. The Universal and Constant Velocity (CV) joints’ protective housing (called boots) should be regularly inspected for cracks or leaks, which could result in severe damage to your vehicle. Count on Uncle Dave’s to ensure your driveline and its components are in perfect working order, and if not, we will advise on the best option for repair.