Vehicle owners are spending a fortune each month in this day of ever-escalating gas prices. There are several ways to optimize your car for fuel efficiency, the primary simply being that your fuel injection system is working properly. The experts at Uncle Dave’s can diagnose if you have a problem with your system while determining the best way to fix it so that your car isn’t guzzling more gas than it has to, and keep it running smoothly. Your car’s fuel injection system can suffer from poor fuel distribution by faulty injectors, resulting in more than just poor economy. Other issues include:

  • Hard starting
  • Rough idle
  • Poor performance in warm weather
  • Smell of fuel inside the car
  • Weak acceleration or loss of power
  • Leaking fuel from injector seals or injector

Whether your car has an electronic fuel injection system or a constant injection system, injectors’ internal mechanisms can weaken over time, causing the injector to not properly open/close, and sending too much or too little fuel to the engine. If not replaced, faulty fuel injectors can also cause damage to other fuel system parts such as fuel filters, fuel pumps, check valves, fuel regulators, and fuel distributors, creating a much more expensive repair.

We also offer fuel injection services to clean naturally forming carbon deposits that can develop on fuel injectors and fuel rails. This is particularly important as car owners opt for the lower-grade fuels. Performing such fuel injection service can improve fuel efficiency, increase horse power, and alleviate other performance issues. We recommend fuel injection service between 15,000 and 30,000-miles on average.

Call Uncle Dave’s today to determine if your car needs fuel injection service!