Your vehicle’s fuel pump is the heart the fuel injection system, the mechanism that pushes fuel from the tank to the injectors and creates the necessary pressure to allow the injectors to deliver the correct amount of fuel under all operating conditions. If not working properly it could negatively affect your engine’s performance, economy, and emissions. If your car is sputtering, losing acceleration, making unusual noise during idle, or performing poorly in fuel economy, it could indicate a faulty fuel pump. Uncle Dave’s can determine if the fuel pump is the root of your car’s problem and educate you on the best course of action to fix the problem.

After many years of service, fuel pumps naturally deteriorate and begin to wear in the armature bushings, brushes, and communicator. If contaminants find their way into the pump, it could cause the motor to jam, overheat, and fail. The pump’s vanes, rollers, and gears can also wear, which can cause a gradual loss of pressure and flow. If your car runs out of gas on occasion, it can also have a negative effect on the fuel pump, since the pump relies on fuel to serve as a lubricant and too keep it cool.

If you suspect a problem with your fuel pump, count on Uncle Dave’s for reliable service to get your car in working order once again.