Your exhaust system is not only designed to decrease noise through a complex muffler system, but it also reduces harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. However, mufflers can fail in various ways. Many times, we’ll see customers bring in their vehicle because they’ve noticed excess noise being emitted, which could indicate cracks in your gaskets, pipes, or muffler. A muffler works direct sound waves through a network of tubes to cancel out sound and keep your car running quietly. Other issues can be caused by rust, corrosion, or broken hanger mounts that result in parts of the exhaust system sagging or breaking off.

If you’re noticing issues with your muffler/exhaust system, let Uncle Dave’s diagnose the problem and fix it properly to keep your family, and others on the road, safe, as well as protect the environment. We offer a wide variety of exhaust services and can cater cost-effective solutions to higher-end systems. We have been servicing Memphis residents’ muffler/exhaust systems for many years, and can walk you through your solutions, pricing, and warranties. Schedule an appointment with Uncle Dave’s today for muffler/exhaust service by calling (901)368-4004.